Important Update Report - April 16th

Dear user,

We are delighted to report to you about our updates! These updates include fixing some key issues and optimizing some features to provide a better user experience. Here is the detailed update:

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed the bug that phone number password reset was incorrect. Now, you can easily reset your phone number password.
  2. The issue where the download progress bar showed incorrectly has been resolved, which will help you monitor the download progress better.
  3. The problem where pausing all tasks required clicking twice has been fixed. Now you can more conveniently pause all tasks.
  4. The issue where setting the automatic jump to the download page after creating a new task failed has also been resolved.

Feature optimizations

  1. The function of automatically cancelling orders after they exceed a certain time limit has been optimized. When orders exceed this time limit, the system will automatically cancel them, reducing your waiting time.
  2. The international experience of installing applications has been optimized, allowing users worldwide to use our product more smoothly.
  3. The process of generating magnet links has been optimized to make them more efficient, thus making downloading faster.
  4. The manual uploading task process has been optimized. Now, the function of restarting and automatically uploading tasks will greatly improve user efficiency.
  5. The manual uploading tasks have been optimized, allowing you to more easily upload tasks while supporting the re-upload function.

Important updates

  1. The function of setting AlphaBiz as the system player has been added. When AlphaBiz is set as the system player, videos will be played by default using AlphaBiz, which will significantly improve your video playing experience.
  2. The folder automatic uploading function has been added. Files in the folder you specify will be automatically uploaded to our platform, which will facilitate your file management.
  3. We support encrypted and non-encrypted data transmission, providing you with a higher level of data security. This means your data will be protected during transmission and prevent third parties from accessing it.

In addition, we have also made improvements and upgrades to other features including optimizing the task detail card size and manual uploading task function, among others. These improvements will further enhance user experience and efficiency.

Thank you for your continuous support and attention to our product! We will continue to work hard to improve our products and services to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We will continue to listen to your voices and strive to provide better services.

Best regards from AlphaBiz team, April 16th, 2022