April 29th Update: Homepage Major Optimization

Dear user,

We are delighted to report to you about our updates! These updates include fixing some key issues and optimizing some features to provide a better user experience. Here is the detailed update:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the issue where Windows couldn’t open the default application.
  • Fixed the bug where users saved settings and logged out without saving.
  • Fixed the issue where tasks in progress logged out after logging back in.
  • Fixed the error when copying magnet link to download seed and verify file progress display.
  • Further fixed potential errors when downloading the same magnet link.

Feature optimizations

  • Optimized the experience of using magnet links for better navigation.
  • Further optimized the display of network diagnosis cards for greater clarity and ease of reading.
  • Added a function to regularly check for new versions, which will help us to fix any potential issues promptly.

Important updates

  • Added a function for users to actively register and log in, so now it’s easier for you to create an account.
  • Optimized the display of card information on the homepage to better suit your expectations.

Thank you for your continuous support and attention to our product! We will continue to work hard to improve our products and services and meet your needs. We value your feedback greatly and we welcome any questions or suggestions you may have. We will continue to listen to your voices and strive to provide better services.

AlphaBiz team April 29th, 2023.