EnigmaFund's Web3 Evergreen Fund: Potential Investment Opportunities in the Decentralized Platform AlphaBiz

The European risk investment fund EnigmaFund has announced the launch of a new fund called the “Web3 Evergreen Fund”. This fund will focus on decentralized technology and artificial intelligence fields, aiming to raise funds from high-net-worth individuals and other investment funds. Among them, products like AlphaBiz could be of potential interest to them.

AlphaBiz is an open-source, decentralized, and highly customizable product that uses advanced decentralized distributed storage technology. It stores all data across the network on the computers of users or professional miners. This feature enables AlphaBiz to maintain the overall network’s security and reliability, even when most nodes are offline.

EnigmaFund plans to use 70% of the funds for portfolio companies to help founders develop within the Web3 vertical field. As an open-source product, AlphaBiz can provide users with unparalleled security and transparency. Users can review its code and modify or deeply develop it as needed. These features could be what EnigmaFund is inclined to invest in.

For the remaining 30% of the funds, EnigmaFund plans to accumulate cryptocurrencies and digital assets through secondary transactions, OTC, and direct investments. The AlphaBiz ecosystem has already integrated its cryptocurrency, AB, allowing users to conveniently use AB for transactions throughout the entire ecosystem, which might attract the fund’s attention.

In conclusion, EnigmaFund’s move is undoubtedly a positive investment in the Web3 field, and a product like AlphaBiz may be just what they are focusing on. At the same time, it is hoped that more investors will pay attention to and understand the Web3 field, jointly promoting the development of this field.